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Top 3 Digital Tools for Dealers in 2020

The year 2020 will often be remembered as the year when Covid-19 disrupted our lives but it has also provided dealers with the ability to think outside of the box in terms of customer care and service. There are digital tools available that can help dealers with many of the different complexities that have arisen during this challenging year. These tools include the following:

1. Test Drive Programs

Many people are avoiding purchasing a new vehicle in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis and the fear of taking a car for a test drive. Now dealers have the ability to provide customers with an in-home test-driving experience for a variety of car makes and models. This is a connected solution that links up potential buyers at home with salespeople from a dealership. 

Offering access to test drives is one of the best ways to connect with consumers in this day and age. If you don’t have the connectivity needed to offer a digital test driving experience, you will lose customers that will turn to your competition.

2. Vehicles Service Programs

Customer satisfaction is key when it comes to servicing vehicles in your dealership. If a customer has a poor experience with the maintenance or servicing of his car, you will lose an important relationship with the consumer and he may never return. When you use a service program that synchronizes shuttle bookings and the times of service completion, you will have a customer that doesn’t have to wait and is very happy with the service.

This program also automates customer communication and tracks the progress of maintenance so that both the dealership and the customer know when a vehicle needs to be serviced. Communication is key in maintaining a relationship between the dealership and customers, which makes these types of programs so vitally important for maintaining customer satisfaction. 

3. Delivery Programs

When a customer is waiting for the delivery of a new vehicle, you’ll want to make sure that they are a satisfied customer when the final handoff takes place. A great experience leaves a customer satisfied while a bad experience can have lasting effects on this customer relationship. Synchronize the delivery schedules using tracking in real time so that the information can be related to the consumer during each stage of the delivery process. Make sure that your customer knows when to expect delivery by providing him with the real-time information of his vehicle location and you’ll be able to provide 100% satisfaction to every customer.

During 2020, high-quality customer relationships and experiences must be kept as a top priority. Now, more than ever, people are shopping online and turning to digital solutions that can help them make decisions regarding any upcoming purchases. Help your customers by offering them the best digital tools available in 2020 and you’ll see your customer base expand very quickly.

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Connected Car Solutions in 2020

ACE Marktplace - Connected Car Technology 2020

It’s a new day and age in terms of a car buying experience with more and more customers considering conductivity a major feature that they wouldn’t do without in their next vehicle. In fact, a recent study shows that approximately 20% of buyers view conductivity as a priority over other major features such as fuel efficiency or engine power. It’s estimated that there will be 250 million connected vehicles across the world in 2020.

A connected vehicle provides Internet access and a wireless LAN (local area network). When a car is equipped with such a device, it can share access over the Internet with other devices inside and outside the vehicle. Other benefits are also offered to the driver by certain technologies that use the wireless LAN or the Internet.

Conductivity Features

In this fast-growing and lucrative market, consumers are looking for the following key features in conductivity:

1. Lifecycle Management

Consumers want to know that they can remotely patch, improve and update conductivity devices and apps in the vehicles they purchase. This will enhance the overall user experience while helping to prevent cyber risks.

2. Worldwide Operation

This is another key feature that car buyers are looking for. The components should be able to be used in any place in the world without having to make complicated adjustments.

3. Reliable Connections

Buyers want to know that the conductivity will be reliable and that they can trust it to work any time they need it. Data should be able to be transmitted rapidly without delays.

4. High Security Features 

The connected vehicle should have the highest standards of security so that there is no chance of data being leaked. The risks of a cyber-attack should be absolutely minimal.

Market Intelligence

These are uncertain times that we are living in and the market continues to evolve in the field of vehicle conductivity. The market on a global level for connected car solutions in 2020 is estimated to be more than $85 billion US and it’s expected to grow to more than $251 billion US by the year 2027. In the United States, it’s estimated that the market is over $25 billion US. Canada and Japan are expected to see their markets grow at 14.4% and 14.8% respectively from 2020 to 2027. This is huge and the timing is right to step into the market to grab your share of the revenue.

While the digital age has been progressing forward over the last decade, the use of digital technology has skyrocketed since the beginning of this year when COVID-19 surfaced around the world. With more and more people staying home to isolate or quarantine and others working from home, many people are having to use the Internet to shop for basics and other items. Even people that have otherwise dismissed the advance of technology are relying on it more heavily.

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