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Meet the team


Dan Robinson

Managing Director

Dan is Managing Director, Automotive Communications Ecosystem Inc. He joined ACE Marktplace in this role in May, 2020.

Under Dan’s leadership, ACE Marktplace envisions a world with smarter, safer and more convenient, connected services and vehicle ownership experiences elevating levels of consumer retention and advocacy along with unlocking new retailer revenue streams.

Dan is focused on improving the connected customer experience and strengthening an automaker’s core vehicle sales and services business. He is also passionate about leading worldwide transformation of personal mobility through advanced SaaS technologies connecting the consumer with the OEM and retailer, further enhancing the customer relationship.

Dan’s family has been in the automotive industry since 1970. He began working in motorcycle and car dealerships at age 10 ultimately progressing to the VP and Executive levels at three large Canadian automotive dealer groups.

Prior to becoming Managing Director at ACE Marktplace, Dan served as Founder & Managing Director, at MobileRevu Inc and as Founder and CEO of Vadanaa Media Inc. delivering world class automotive online presence, digital reputation management and social media marketing solutions to customers in 7 countries including Canada, the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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Avi Kishundat

Product Development

As co-founder of ACE Marktplace, Avi manages the day to day customer & supplier relations, business analysis, research & development of software platforms.

Previously Avi served as Managing Director of Qode Media Inc. During that time Avi was directly involved with internal software development projects & digital marketing campaigns for a variety of clients.

Avi is formally trained in 3D animation and has a diploma from the Schulich School of Business. He likes to spend his free time pursuing creative projects including painting and illustration.

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