Kimoby acquires ACE Marktplace. Read the press release.

Empowering your agency with connected vehicle solutions

Now deliver white-label connected mobility solutions that transform vehicle and customer data into scalable, modular solutions for your automotive partners and their customers powered by ACE Marktplace.

ACE agencies

Your marketing agency faces challenges and competition on the road to winning the attention and loyalty of your clients. You need new ways to make your audience more engaged with your services while providing clarity on marketing attribution.

With ACE Marktplace, you now have the suite of white-label solutions you need to get your clients measurable increases in profitability through connected vehicle services which will reinforce the value that you bring to your clients at your agency every day.

With ACE Marktplace you sell the service, we’ll handle the execution. We compliment your digital marketing & advertising services with a complete white-label suite of automotive mobility and connectivity solutions.

ACE Marktplace can help your clients increase profits and productivity all while helping you capture and retain more automotive business clients at your agency. Together we can help your clients unlock the future of automotive connectivity!

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