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Unlock the future of connected vehicle services

We provide OEMs , Dealers and Dealer Groups with a seamless,
white label end-to-end connected vehicle platform.
Explore all the telematics solutions you need to grow your business.

Reduce costs

ACE mobility

We provide you seamless integration with your concierge team. From shuttle and valet tasks to complete service loaner management, ACE mobility can reduce your costs and elevate insights to maximize utilization.

Increase sales

ACE testdrive

In these rapidly changing times, gaining consumer confidence for test drives is a new and evolving challenge. Fortunately ACE’s Self Serve Test Drive allows retailers to deliver remote solutions, enhancing customer confidence.

Improve CSI

ACE delivery

Revolutionize your customer delivery experience with the ACE delivery system. Consumers receive real time vehicle delivery tracking, including the customer in all aspects of the delivery experience.

Revolutionize service retention

ACE servicetracker

Keep your customers informed of their vehicle maintenance with ACE servicetracker. Reduce customer calls while improving CSI and customer optics both in-app and in-dealership.

Enhance productivity

ACE inventory

Get insight into vehicles on your lot, demos on the road & service vehicles with customers. Our notifications suite instantly informs you on critical issues such as potential theft, battery failure and more.

Reduce overhead

ACE audit

With a simple click, dealers and captive finance departments can get instant inventory audit reports, understanding vehicle location and status eliminating the need for on-site audit personnel.

New revenue

ACE rental

Transform your loaner fleet into a revenue generating subscription & rental service. With our comprehensive tools you will have everything you’ll need in an evolving rental industry.

Increase efficiencies

ACE fleet

Digitize your fleet department in one dashboard. Organize all deliveries, dealer trades, and courier tasks while gaining real time tracking of driver utilization.

Rapidly deploy your own connected vehicle platform and profit from the automotive industry's fastest-growing sector.

How we help OEMs

If you’re looking to build or augment an enterprise level, connected vehicle platform, our modular solution stack makes us the perfect partner to help you execute your global vision for the future of car connectivity.

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How we help Dealerships

Our end-to-end white label solutions enable Dealers to utilize connected car technologies increasing productivity and efficiency while providing untapped revenue streams. Dealers can leverage ACE Marktplace’s proprietary systems for better custom connectivity.

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How we help Dealer Groups

Managing multiple rooftops has never been easier with ACE Martktplace’s scalable platform solutions. Gain optics into Dealers performance as well as actionable customer behaviour data. With our intuitive and customizable dashboards, Dealer Groups have real-time insights on all operations.

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ACE agencies

A suite of white-label solutions for your marketing agency that provides your automotive clients with increased productivity and profitability through connected vehicle services.

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