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Welcome to ACE Marktplace

By Avi Kishundat

02 Sep 2020

Welcome to ACE Marktplace, a business devoted to providing dealers, dealer groups and OEMs with a seamless, connected vehicle platform. The age of connected vehicles has arrived with cars, trucks, vans and SUVs able to offer Internet access to drivers while on the road while providing dealers with tools to manage their sales and fleets. Our white-label platform gives you the solutions you need to help your business grow. Discover the wide range of possibilities available and unlock a lucrative future with valuable connected vehicle services.

The pandemic has had an impact on all industries, including the automotive sector. However, new opportunities, as listed below, have risen in regards to connected vehicle solutions.

Dealers, dealer groups and OEMs can use these opportunities to their advantage by using productivity solutions and white label automotive conductivity, which is a rising trend that simply cannot be ignored.

Visit the ACE Marktplace to find online solutions to help your business gain momentum through the use of communication and conductivity tools that are powered by Machine Learning, AI and Telematics. All of these tools align with today’s need for social distancing, so the time has never been better to jump into the field with both feet forward!

Increase Sales

With our ACE Testdrive, you’ll be able to capture the confidence of consumers by using a new test drive concept in our rapidly evolving world. The ACE Self-Serve Test Drive gives dealers the opportunity to enhance consumer confidence through remote services. This is exactly what every dealer needs with customers now relying on digital services more than ever before.

Reduce Your Costs

Enjoy the wide range of features that are offered with ACE Mobility such as integration with a concierge team. We’ve got you covered with interactive tasks along with complete management of service-owned vehicles. Gain insight into consumer wants and needs while reducing your costs.

Better Service Retention

Our ACE Servicetracker lets customers know when it’s time to receive vehicle maintenance. This reduces the number of calls that need to be placed with regards to regular servicing of vehicles and ensures that nobody gets missed. This is a fantastic way to ramp up your service business to new heights.

More Productivity

Use ACE Inventory to keep track of service and road vehicles that are currently with customers, the demos that you have on the road, and the vehicles that remain on your lot. You will be sent a notification instantly if there is a critical issue, such as a battery failure or a potential theft.

New Rental Revenue

When you turn your loaner fleet into a rental and subscription service, you’ll be generating new revenue. We provide comprehensive tools that allow you to join the rental industry game so that you can receive your own piece of the pie.

Manage Your Overhead

When you have the ability to receive instant audit reports of inventory, the need for on-site audit personnel diminishes. Reduce your overhead with reports outlining the status and location of your vehicles.

Efficient Fleet Operations

Use our dashboard to run your fleet department digitally. Organize all of your courier tasks, dealer trades and deliveries along with tracking in real time.

Visit ACE Marktplace at today to learn more about our products and services.