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Top 3 New Revenue Sources for Dealers

By Avi Kishundat

19 Oct 2020

Covid-19 has certainly impacted dealerships across the country but at the same time new business opportunities have unfolded. Solutions for connected vehicles are trending and as a dealership, this can become a lucrative new revenue source for you. Strategies for shifting business models must be considered in this new age. It’s time to take a look at productivity and connectivity solutions that can be labelled with your brand to drive in new revenue.

Here are the top 3 dealership revenue sources that will create new business:

1. Automated Connected Vehicles

Look for connected vehicle solutions that are cost-effective to bring business to a brand-new level. Your dealership can jump on board this new trend and help unlock connectivity opportunities that feature your brand. This is what the market is looking for today and you need to put yourself into a position where you can deliver it. Deliver what is wanted and needed in today’s times, and you have a game changer.

Provide a unified system that integrates a number of solutions. Enjoy the benefits of a platform that is cloud-based where everything you need has been placed together in one user-friendly place. The automotive industry is evolving so your dealership must evolve along with it.

2. Understand the New Normal

There is a new normal in our society where many people are afraid to leave their homes. Many are going out just to shop for the necessities of life and are avoiding contact with many businesses. This pandemic has changed the mindset of individuals across the board to one degree or another. Once the Covid-19 crisis has passed, part of this mindset is sure to linger on into the future.

The best thing that a dealership can invest in right now is a remote test driving solution that allows potential customers to test drive different vehicles from the comfort of their own homes. This is revolutionary technology that has transformed the way we offer test drives to consumers. This connected solution also raises consumer confidence levels in your brand. Outshine the competition by understanding the new normal and working with it.

3. Vehicle Rentals

This is an exciting new income source that should be explored fully. Your inventory can be transferred into a revenue source that is recurring. When you have the right tools at your disposal to manage a rental fleet, it becomes easier than ever to create this new source of income. Rental opportunities allow dealerships to increase their profitability and productivity quickly and easily.

At ACE Marktplace we understand the challenges that dealerships are facing in this new normal. We can work with you to create new revenue with our online suite of automotive solutions. Take a look at our range of communication, on-demand conductivity and AI tools today. The future is in your hands and you can do something about the current economic situation as it continues to evolve.

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