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COVID-19 Best Practices for Dealers

By Avi Kishundat

02 Sep 2020

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way that we have had to do business as dealers. There are best practices that should be put in place by all dealers to make sure that consumers receive a fantastic customer experience, which will encourage them to buy from you. Put these practices into place today in order to drive in new sales and to encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

Update Your Communication

There is a different buying experience now than there was before, and as a result, the way in which dealers communicate with potential buyers needs to be adapted. Today, it’s especially important to take more of a personalized approach to selling vehicles. Let prospective customers know that virtual test drives are available. This can be done through banner advertising on your website and by updating your website content. Send out emails to shoppers to inform them about any financing deals or special offers available on vehicles.

COVID-19 Website Message

You should also have a special COVID-19 message that is easy to find on your website. Consumers are worried about safety and want to know how you are going to be keeping them safe if they do decide to come in to look for a vehicle at your dealership. Let them know that you have hand sanitizer stations set up and that you practice social distancing. Include any other precautions you are taking to drive more customers towards your business.

Some of the COVID-19 best safety practices that you can implement at your dealership include the following:

  • Place hand sanitizer stations in the showroom
  • Let consumers know what steps you are taking to keep them safe
  • Put in a system for video communications with shoppers
  • Create service hours for special appointments 
  • Place markers along the floor where there are any waiting spaces for social distancing
  • Put a bulletin on the wall outlining your cleaning procedures
  • Don’t shake hands with shoppers

Connect with ACE Marktplace

Put these best practices into effect and spread the word that you are doing so. Nowadays, the promise of a safe environment to shop in is one of the most important sales tactics you can use. People want to know that it’s okay to go into a showroom and that you have put COVID-19 best practices into place for their safety.

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