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How Marketing Agencies Can Benefit from Connected Car Technologies

The topic of a connected car is often misunderstood and not clearly defined. Connectivity in a car can range from self-driven cars to the apps and programs that allow cars to be connected to the Internet and to program dashboards that run a number of different programs.

The connected car has arrived on the scene and technology found on these vehicles is nothing short of miraculous. Safety sensors, GPS systems, smartphone connectivity and much more are offered on these cars, which opens a floodgate of opportunity for marketing agencies.

Marketing Agencies and Connected Car Technologies

Connected car technologies provide opportunities to marketers to help them get new insights about the behaviours of consumers. This technology also helps deliver better value to potential customers and offers a means to communicate in a manner that is more relevant.

New Insights about Behaviour

The more data a marketing agency has, the more it can understand the needs of consumers. When you understand these needs, it’s a lot easier to provide the services and products that are wanted the most. Connected cars provide a data source that offers insights such as the following:

  • Common travel routes
  • Commuting times
  • Shopping times
  • Driving habits
  • Vehicle servicing behaviours
  • Much more

Marketing companies can learn more about the various consumer segments such as the type of content that consumers are listening to, when they are listening, the content of formats such as podcasts or streaming music and how the content is being accessed. Overall, the more data provided, the more insights can be developed.

The data provided by connected cars also address consumer wants and needs including any pain points to help deliver better value to consumers.

Communication with Consumers

There are apps available for connected cars that provide location for companies so they can offer deals to consumers that are in the local area. This will drive in new customers and is a new level of advertising that has yet to be explored. It is tapping into a new era of marketing that allows businesses to communicate with consumers within the exact moments when a potential purchase could be made.

Understanding Customers

Understanding what’s important to consumers is key in the marketing business. Businesses in the automotive industry must understand which connectivity services customers want the most and whether they would be willing to pay for them or not. As the age of connected vehicles continues, more connectivity will provide even more insights regarding the features that are valued most by customers, which will lead to further research on other connectivity services that could be offered in the future.

Without the data, car companies have only been able to add on different features when it was technically possible to do so. There was no data available so some features were a hit while others had no particular value to customers. Now, times have changed and the data will lead the way into the future. Marketing companies will be needed to harvest and analyze the data in order to recommend the best marketing opportunities.

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